Why now is the perfect time for an office redesign

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Is your office well designed, nice to look at, and inspiring? When you look around, do you feel happy to be in the space?

With coronavirus restrictions in place and many employees out of the office, now is an excellent time to make much-needed changes to the office space. Your office may have been looking dull and lifeless for a while, but it never seemed a good time to make changes with people continuously milling around.

A great number of employees are now working from home, and the office is quiet, making it the perfect time to implement an office fit out. Let’s look at some of the ways to not only make your office covid secure but to also improve the look and functionality.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

There is no formula to help decide when to redesign your office. Many business owners are spending the time and money now to create an inspiring and amazing office. With employees working from home, you’ll have the much needed time for a makeover. Office redesign can significantly effect employee motivation and can even help improve the company’s success. Working in a modern, stylish office can have a positive impact on teamwork, collaboration, and office culture. Employees who feel inspired will be more productive, happier, and do a better job overall.


If your office has regular visitors, whether members of the public, other business managers, or collaborating teams, your company will project a more professional atmosphere if you have a well-designed office. You can attract and impress clients with a nice new office. People subconsciously gravitate towards spaces that look and feel welcoming.

Things to consider when redesigning your office

Here are some of the most important things to consider when redesigning your office.

  • Furniture - When designing your office, you’ll need to not only think about the design layout and space between them, but also office furniture. Many modern office design trends help to facilitate productivity while also improving employees’ health and well-being. Modern offices use innovative furniture and design layouts.

  • Lighting - Lighting is essential in the workplace not just so you can see what you’re doing, but also for the well-being of your employees. If possible natural light is best.

  • Your brand - Your business has likely invested time and energy building a brand that consists of a logo, website, content, and marketing materials. You may like to bring your brand’s colours, design styles, and font into the office space. Your office should mirror your company’s ethos so that when a client arrives, their first impressions of the business are accurate and memorable.


There’s never been a better time to redesign your office than now! With employees working from home, you’ll have the time and space to make much-needed changes with minimum disruption. A well-designed office fit-out will inspire your employees and can also help generate revenue. If your office is outdated and you feel it could benefit from a professional redesign, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Why now is the perfect time for an office redesign