How long does an office fit out take?

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Whether it’s an updated washroom, a change of furniture, or a complete remodelling, an office fit-out can help transform the office space for your business. However, the time it takes to give your office a new touch may vary depending on the project’s scope. Here are common factors that determine how long it takes.

1. Size of Your Office Space

The size of your office is a major determinant of the amount of time remodelling will take. For instance, if your business requires minor adjustments to the existing space, it might only take a few days to complete. Larger projects that require significant alterations or personalization with conceptual designs may take longer.

2. Condition of Your Premises

If you’re working on a completely empty space and there’s no demolition or strip out needed, the office fit-out will be easy and fast. In such a scenario, the time taken to finish the job will entirely depend on the size of your company.

The fit-out will also be faster if your premises are ready for occupation. That’s because the amount of work required will be less compared to a building that’s still under construction. A ready-to-occupy building also means there’s a likelihood some services like fibre broadband are already connected and systems such as HVAC and security integrated into the property.

3. Approval Processes

Before you start your office fit-out, you may have to obtain a permit from your local government or consent from the property owner. A planning or development application is necessary if you’re changing the use of the office or the external look of the building. Such applications can take a couple of months for processing and subsequent approval. However, if you hire a contractor for your fit-out project, that period can be drastically reduced.

4. Availability of Materials

Are the furniture and other materials needed available locally or have to be shipped from overseas? If you can easily find materials like veneer and laminate from a local supplier, your office fit-out will start right away and take a shorter period. Otherwise, the ordering process and transportation from another country will take more time and push your project forward several weeks. The time it’ll take will also depend on the amount of work and the style of fit-out you want.

5. The complexity of Your Project

The type of design you choose for your office fit-out also plays a crucial role in how long your office fit-out will take. Intricate plans usually take longer to complete due to the unique designs and complex features involved. On the other hand, simple office designs can take a shorter time to be completed.

6. Overall Budget

The success of a project will greatly depend on available funds. If you have a bigger budget, you could probably get all the materials you need and hire enough workforce to do the job. This means that the project will take less time to complete.

Key Takeaway

The cost of your office fit-out will depend on different variables such as your location, the size of your office, the number of workers, and the transformation level. A simple fit-out, which includes new flooring, basic seats and desks, and decoration, starts from about £40/square foot. A mid-range fit-out in a bigger space starts from around £50/square foot, while a high-spec project, which involves workspace planners and interior design professionals, starts from around £65/square foot.

If you want to know precisely how long your office fit-out will take, it’s best that you contact a professional contractor. They’ll assess your office project needs and give you a timeline so that you can start preparations early enough and complete them on time.

How long does an office fit out take?