How Long Does A New Classroom Take to Build

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Why Should you get a new classroom?

There are a number of reasons that a school may need a new classroom. One reason may be that the school is growing and needs more space. Another reason may be that the existing classrooms are in need of repair. Some schools are also looking to update their classrooms with the latest technologies.

Why Is Building A Classroom Time Consuming?

When a school is building a new classroom, it takes time to gather all of the necessary permits and approvals. Schools need both city and state approval before they can begin construction on any kind of building. If you live in the city or state that is building the new classroom, you can expect to wait anywhere from three weeks to three months before all of the approvals are given.

Who Will Be Doing The Construction?

Once a school has received its approvals, it will hire a construction company, like Concept CP, to actually do the work. If you live in an area with high levels of unionization, expect to see union workers on the construction site. Building a new classroom can take anywhere from four to six months, depending on the complexity of the project.

What Will The New Classroom Look Like?

Most new classrooms are designed with an open concept in mind. This means that there are no walls separating the students from the teacher. Open concept classrooms are easier to clean and can be used flexibly once they are finished.

What Will Be In The Classroom?

Since the open classroom idea is in style, most new classrooms have movable furniture. This allows the room to be changed with ease if another use for it is found later on. New technology is also being installed in more and more classrooms since it is a great way to keep students interested in learning. You can expect interactive whiteboards, projectors and even wireless Internet access to be installed into the new classroom.

How Many Students Will The Classroom Hold?

Most open-concept classrooms will hold between 20 and 30students at any given time - with desks, that is. If you want to install larger furniture, your classroom can hold more students.

How Soon Can You Use A New Classroom?

Once the construction of the new classroom has finished up, it will be ready for use almost immediately. The school can move their equipment and supplies into the new room right away! If your school is looking to build a new classroom, be prepared for a drawn-out process before the construction work actually starts. It will take anywhere from three weeks to three months for approvals and permits alone - and then at least another four to six months of construction time. Once the room is complete and ready to use, however, your school will enjoy using an up-to-date classroom for years to come.


When it comes to building new classrooms, the process is not as simple as you may think. You’ll spend a significant amount of time waiting on approvals and permits before construction even begins - and then there’s still more work to do once those are in place. Luckily for schools with open-concept classroom needs, Concept CP has all of your back! We specialize in designing and constructing beautiful spaces that meet any school’s unique needs. From projectors to interactive whiteboards, we have the latest technology available at our fingertips so your students can learn how they want when they want. If you’re interested in learning more about what we could provide for your school or would like an estimate quote from us today please contact one of our team today.

How Long Does A New Classroom Take to Build