Get the most out of your office with a redesign

Redesigning your office could arguably be the most important contribution to profitability and growth that you’ll make in a while. A refit isn’t just an opportunity to update, give your premises a facelift and improve conditions for employees, it’s also a chance to position your facilities to accommodate future growth and success. Read on to discover the many ways that how redesigning an office can significantly improve the workplace.

Improve Staff Morale

Everyone likes to feel valued, which is why a fresh, innovative office fit-out can be a great way of improving staff morale. An office that optimises the use of space and has everything needed for comfortable, effective working is going to be somewhere employees want to spend time in. A fresh, modern office also indicates that the staff team are valued and worth spending money on.

Ensure Adequate Storage

Even in the digital age, every office still requires storage for anything from paper records to stationery supplies. A refit is a chance to plan a layout that incorporates adequate and appropriate storage.

Plan for Growth

As your business grows, it’s highly likely that your workforce will grow as well. A fresh fit-out is a good opportunity to build predicted staff growth into the way your premises are redesigned. Contemporary design and planning principles (such as those adopted by Concept CP), result in clever layouts that make optimal use of space. If your need to accommodate more staff in the same area of floor space, it’s possible to do so comfortably and easily with a high-quality redesign.

Improve Productivity

Whether it’s a lack of meeting rooms, a break-away area that’s too far away or a layout that results in too much noise, or a lack of ventilation, there are all sorts of ways that a poorly designed layout can impede your employees’ daily tasks. By listening carefully to the individual needs of each client, it’s possible to come up with a unique layout that solves the issues which hold employees back from being as productive as they can be.

Enhance Inclusivity

Diverse, inclusive office culture and a universally accessible environment underpin successful businesses. A refit provides a good opportunity to consider how your working environment can be made accessible and welcoming to all. Modern office design offers a multitude of ways to make your office space an interior where every employee can operate effectively, safely and in an equitable manner.

Send out a Clear Message to Your Employees

At various points in a company’s lifespan, there will be a need to refocus, rebrand and adjust in response to internal and/or external variables. Redesigning the workplace can be the perfect opportunity to launch a rebranded image, begin adopting a different work culture or otherwise signal that change is underway.

Show Your Customers you Mean Business

A refurbishment that results in a more modern, attractive environment doesn’t just send out the right message to employees - prospective customers, customers, business partners, suppliers and members of the public who enter your work premises will also all recognise that your company is one that’s on the up, simply due to the layout design, choice of furniture and decor.

With so many benefits, it’s little wonder that a growing number of businesses are choosing an office redesign as one of their corporate priorities. Get in touch with Concept CP to find out more about the way in which a refit could transform your workplace into something truly special.

Get the most out of your office with a redesign